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We like to stay in contact with our Boston Families. 

Please share your Bluegrass Boston experience with us, we love to hear about our past puppies. 

Please email photos to:

Our Past Puppy Photos can be viewed on our "Photos" Page!

Quotes I really think she is one of best looking Boston Terriers I have ever seen. Dixie and Bosco sure got it right! She has such a sweet little soul and is always giving lots of love to everybody she meets. I wanted to let you know too that you can use any of the pictures I send to you of her on your website. I will be sending more updates and pictures the more she grows. I also do photography on the side so I can send you some nicer pictures with my actual camera. Thanks again for such an amazing little dog. She means the world to me and I know my other Boston Diego is just so happy to finally have a playmate. :-) Michelle Quotes
Nashville, TN

Quotes Hello Amee and Jeff, We just wanted to Thank You guys for being so wonderful to work with and for letting us have our little "Lady". She is perfect in every way and even our whole veterinarian office fell in love with her from the first visit :) "Lady" is very smart and adjusted very quick. We think that she is convinced that she owns our house, because she definitely acts like a queen :). She has a great personality and loves to give kisses to everyone. She is a beautiful Boston Terrier and we are so happy to have her! Quotes
Ashouri family
satisfied customers

Quotes Joe and I are so happy with our Zuggie girl. She slept with us the first night in our bed. WE LOVE HER!!! Thank you so much for the opportunity to acquire such a wonderful puppy. You were incredible to work with, caring, understanding, responsive and you really care about the breed we love so much. Quotes

Quotes Ruger has been a fantastic dog. We are blessed and thankful for a job well done. As a result of your professionalism and loving care, his crate training was immediate the second we brought him home. He is very well behaved and loves kids & people. He has met several dog friends already & does a great job around other dogs. He plays fetch at his young age too. His potty training is going very well. The vet said he is in excellent health, and he has gained over 5lbs. We are almost complete transitioning his food and he is loving it. Overall, we are very thankful for Ruger. He is well behaved and most importantly, fitting into the family with continued love and care. He has no fear of noises, cars (riding in them too), (riding in them too), lightning, people, kids or dogs. We just wanted to thank you and let you know he is well rounded, happy, growing, and fits in perfect with his new family. Take care and god bless! Quotes

Quotes Beau is such a joy to have in our family! He is adjusting well and has already became best friends with our boxer Bailey:) He definitely is a mamas boy and won't let me leave his sight. He is so fun and we love watching him grow Thank you! Quotes

Quotes Quinn is adjusting to our home quite well. She has us in stitches most of the time. Thanks for raising such a cute puppy! Quotes
Cammie & Annalise

Quotes Hi guys, Just wanted to share a moment of gratitude for giving us a wonderful dog. Attached are just a few of the many photos we've taken of Ella being cute and adorable. Her disposition is wonderful and she has really solidified her place in the family. We are now, in fact, dreaming of possibly adopting another Boston once Ella is a year or so old, as a companion for her. Do you have any litters planned for next summer? Keep us apprised! Thanks, Kerry and Jamie Quotes
Kerry and Jamie

Quotes Hi Amee, All of us would like to thank you for giving us such a wonderful little girl. She is always doing something new, and funny everyday. We have noticed she is starting to look a lot like her mom, especially the face! She brings joy to us everyday, and has a very unique way of expressing herself. She catches on so quick to learning, now barking to let us now she has to go outside and sitting on  command. We are all so  grateful  to have such a bright, intelligent, and adorable Boston Terrier. Quotes

Quotes Amee, Wanted to share some recent pictures of Parker with you and your family, she has been a joy and getting big, she sure has lots and lots of energy. Quotes
The Dorris Family

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